"Mike built my dream kitchen and I can not think about a better person to recommend for your kitchen. He was great from the start because he listened to what I wanted and even watched the barefoot contessa cooking show with me since I loved some elements of that kitchen so much.

He gave us the price at the beginning of the project when we agreed on the plan and he did not add a cent to it so I think you can trust him if he gives you a quote. We had some surprises when we demoed the kitchen because of the structure and isolation but that was not part of Mike's job but maybe something you have to keep in mind. Also the electrical panel had to be upgraded due to the new appliances but again out of his responsibilities. I was my own general contractor and so I did not plan for some things, maybe just something to keep in mind.

Moving back to Mike since this is what you want to know... sorry I got sidetracked for a minute. His work was perfect and I had no easy kitchen since my doors are set into the cabinet and I wanted it white but he did a fantastic job and I love every bit of it. He is a great worker and a wonderful person that is always there if you need him for questions, always gets back to you quickly with answers and I have never ever seen him in a bad mood.

Give him the job and he will give you your dream kitchen on time and on budget. You will not regret your decision."